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  • Gayle Baker

ASK Salt Spring Today, 11-1 - July 15 - in the United Church Meadow

Please join us Friday, July 15, 11-1, in the United Church Meadow to welcome Islands Trustee Laura Patrick.

What do you want to ask her?

  • What are the 2022-23 Trust Council initiatives?

  • What are some of the issues before our Local Trust Committee?

  • What is the status of some of the major planning initiatives?

  • What progress has been made on the engagement process for the Trust Policy Statement and the recently-released Islands Trust Governance report (

  • And. . . .?

See you Friday, July 15, 11-1, at the United Church Meadow to welcome Laura!

Any question, anytime:

Want to see reports from all the ASK Salt Spring gatherings?

Want to help? ASK Salt Spring now has a Save-a-Tape box at Country Grocer.

We love your receipts! Remember: #15

(Our Partners. . . .

Our rent - reduced through the generosity of our Library -

is being paid for byIsland Savings’ Simple Generosity grant.

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