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  • Gayle Baker

Beaches in Need of Clean-Up, Laundromat Seeking Finds, and a Refugee Support Group

October 25:

Six islanders came, but only four had questions. The other two came briefly to see what we were doing, saying that they would be back another Friday.

The Legion is applying for a license to allow them to more easily welcome non-members. This application has taken some time to go through Islands Trust - surprisingly designated as the relevant body to handle this - with approval expected at the November meeting. Unfortunately, this is after the Liquor Board’s deadline, forcing the Legion to begin the process all over again. It was suggested that community groups, as well as CRD, could support the Legion in asking for an extension. If asked, the Chamber may be able to write a letter supporting this request for an extension.

A frequent visitor to Vesuvius Beach had two concerns:

  1. A presumably-CRD port-a- potty had been decommissioned. Unfortunately, the structure has not been taken away, leaving some of the structure on the beach and the platform in the water, secured by an anchor by a swimmer seeing it as a swim platform. Unfortunately, the first storm will probably sweep it onto the beach. This islander is going to speak to PARC’s Dan Ovington to see if PARC will remove the rest of their port-a-potty.

  2. There are also many small plastic children’s kayaks left on the beach. With the first winter storm, they are likely to be swept away, adding to too much plastic already in our oceans. A suggestion was made that she advertise widely in the Exchange and the Driftwood asking owners to take them home to safety - and announcing that any left there January 1 for The Polar Bear Swim will be either re-homed or recycled.

  3. It was also mentioned that any boats tied up on the beach should have owner’s contact information so that they can be returned if they go adrift.

A Wagon Wheel Board Member came to ask for suggestions about funding for the laundromat. Suggestions came quickly, with a promise to provide him with contacts and informations for each suggestion. The potentially largest amount as well as the most time-sensitive suggestion was the $100,000 Shaw Funds, with an application due November 30. While there is much to do to get this grant completed in time, it is definitely possible. Suggestions were made to identify community partners who will contribute money and/or a letter of support to strengthen the Shaw application. An invitation to speak at next week’s Rotary Luncheon was secured. Some grant opportunities were sent to Ron:

One new Salt Springer came to give us information. He had asked about a refugee support groups and ASK Salt Spring had not been able to help, only suggesting that it was the churches that generally sponsored these groups. He came to tell us that Ann Marshall (Unitarian Church) is that contact and is currently welcoming a young Syrian adult to Salt Spring. He is following up with her to get involved.

He also asked whether there would be any groups who may want to sponsor (no donation needed) Jason DeSilva’s documentary When We Walk, likely to be previewed at our Film Festival this February. We were also told about a very popular accessibility app: asxmap. I promised to contact Jean Gelwicks, Island Pathways about this opportunity as well as the app.

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