Upcoming Community Dialogues

Building the Road to Reconnection

Mon Jan 25 at 7pm

Email ssispeaks@gmail.com for a zoom link

We at the Salt Spring Community Alliance, after reflecting on this past year during some winter hibernation time, are convinced that it is time to reconnect on so many fronts.


And we need your help to do that.


Please add your feedback at our upcoming community meeting on Monday January 25 at 7pm. Your input will help us chart the way for upcoming community meetings, so now is the time to get your issues on the top of the priority list.


We are so disconnected:

From nature: The natural world suffers because individually and collectively we don’t feel at one with the planet and act as though we are separate.

From each other: Social isolation deepens because we are doing our best to protect each other during the pandemic, but the impacts are great

From our political systems: We’ve become more disenfranchised, even though we want to trust our leaders but are often disappointed with the process and left out of policies.

From those we see as ‘different:’ Social division is pitting different classes of folks against each other due to structural divides. Discrimination happens when real or constructed identity markers are used to hierarchically categorize people by gender, nation, country, race, ethnicity, language, religion, class, politics, etc.

From our systems of exchange: Economic disparity is creating more poverty and marginalization and more people are being left behind.

From ourselves and our spirit: Our world, our work and our technology can be so demanding on our attention, leaving little space for contemplation, rest, or creativity.

From our history and culture: Few of us know enough about the history of our home or the people who lived here for millennia.

From action: The variety of global crisis’ and climate change make it hard to understand and feel like some useful action can be taken on a personal level.


The Community Alliance was born out of a desire to bring people together to learn from and support each other and take action to build a better community. We have done this through monthly community meetings on a wide variety of local topics, including the weekly ASK Salt Spring gatherings. These meetings have been well attended and led to a lot of new initiatives and action on Salt Spring. They have also brought many people together across differences and bridged divides that have kept us artificially separated. We want this work to continue!


This year our theme is RECONNECTION and we invite you to help us expand this conversation with your presence at our next meeting.

What are your thoughts on how our community can come together and reconnect?

What topics should be the focus of our monthly community meetings? 


We want to hear from you! Because we believe that when we share, listen and see others in the community within the egalitarian structure of the circle, we can build bridges and heal divisions. 


Please join us for our meeting on January 25th 7pm on Zoom. Invite a friend to join!

Reply to ssispeaks@gmail.com for more information and for the zoom link.


In unity, the Salt Spring Community Alliance Board of Directors:

Kya Dalton, Sheila Dobie, Darlene Gage, Erinanne Harper, Aina Yasué

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